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Charge Capture Improvements Steps


Financial Review Services, Inc. (FRS) has one goal – to help its clients, and then get out of their way. We provide clinical expertise to the administrative side of the business and help extend the administrative and accounting controls. Charge capture improvements and revenue recovery are the results of our efforts.

We identify weaknesses in the charge capture system in surgery and the endo lab, recover lost charges, and help the client improve the charge capture steps. This “find out what needs improvement and help fix it” approach offers the best value to the client because the client gets the help it needs quickly.

FRS’ business approach is to focus on fixing problems, not on auditing and auditing and auditing as others in this field do.

As a follow-up service, after the charges are being captured properly, we provide a managed-care payment review. This involves: 
1) recalculating what you should have been paid under your various managed-care agreements; 
2) comparing your actual receipts to what you should have been paid; 
3) recovering underpayments from the carriers.