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Charge Capture Improvements Steps

“The in-services were focused and effective. Our charge capture processes in surgery and GI have improved to the point where only about 1% of the previously identified lost charges will still need attention after we add one more item to our charge sheets. Capturing over 99% of the lost charges exceeded our expectations.”

“The charge audit/nurse training service has yielded significant improvements in our charge capture processes. We knew we were missing some charges but the magnitude of recovery was astonishing. Like everyone else in this business we thought that there were not enough charge-based cases to make a big difference but there were! We expect the net recoveries (after your fees) to exceed $1,000,000 and we are a 186 bed hospital.

From our perspective, the process has not been disruptive to our staff and I have heard of no complaints from anyone in the community. The initial audit of the sample cases gave us an opportunity to see what potential there was for improvement before we had to commit to doing the full audit, and that feature reduced our initial wariness. The audit, rebills and collections were handled well by your staff as we recovered 73% of the late charges. The training and help with charging protocols has been focused and effective and we are implementing the changes you recommended. Because the program is designed to help us fix our problems, not just audit and audit as other firms do, your fee is actually less than others because they stay indefinitely. You are in and out and help us fix the problems. When I compare what you recovered to what my experience has been with other charge audit firms, your program not only netted us more than others but it netted us a multiple of what the others have done for me in the past. Let me emphasize that. On a per case basis, FRS recovered (after its fee) a multiple of what other firms’ net recoveries have been. And I have been in this business for nearly 30 years.”

“On three occasions I have engaged FRS and on each occurrence I have been pleasantly surprised. At Women’s and Children’s Hospital in San Antonio, FRS followed another firm that had done a lost charge audit and FRS found and recovered more than the previous firm did on the same cases. Let me say that again – FRS found and recovered more from cases that had already been audited than the other firm that audited them first found. Using specialized surgical nurses to perform the audit made a huge difference.

At Beaumont Regional Hospital I discovered that my predecessor had hired a firm to find holes in our charging. I hired FRS and they found a significant amount of charges that were still not being made properly. We collected a large amount of lost revenue and improved our charging processes.

Here in the Presbyterian system there was some confusion about what was proper to charge Medicare patients and what was proper to charge commercially insured patients. FRS helped us through the confusion, recovered a significant amount of lost revenue for us and the Presbyterian system is implementing FRS improvements system-wide.”

“Financial Review Services (FRS) provided us with documentation from Medicare that cleared up some charging questions we had. FRS also helped us make sure we were in compliance with Arizona state regulations regarding charges to our charge master.

The review of the sample cases went smoothly. The presentation of the results from the audit of the sample cases was enlightening and the full audit was conducted without interfering with the day-to-day activities of either the business office or medical records department. Following the audit, the training took place and numerous improvements have been made to our charge master and charge capture processes.

The service was cordial, non-invasive and very beneficial. We recovered a significant amount of money from the lost charges you billed and FRS helped us improve our charge capture procedures.”

“I have had dealings with hundreds of vendors over the years. Many made very impressive promises, when attempting to gain my business. It was a very welcome surprise to have your company actually deliver what you promised. When we first met, you told me, my staff would not be involved in the billing and recovery of our lost revenue. You assured me FRS would do the work and allow my staff to continue to work on other assignments.

Thank you for being a man of your word and delivering what you promised. Not only did your staff do the work they delivered the cash. Your company provided our organization with cash we either assumed we couldn’t collect or didn’t know we had it coming.

…I cannot image anyone not wanting to employ your organization with a charge audit, who wouldn’t want to gain lost revenue in this day and age?”

“As you know, I engaged Financial Review Services, Inc. (FRS) a few years ago to conduct a lost charge audit. The results were good, and that is why we just signed a pair of contracts to have FRS provide both of its services for us. Because we are happy with the results of the last charge audit and the training that was part of the service, we want to have FRS take another look at us to determine if any charging laxity has crept in. Your process is truly non-invasive and non-disruptive, and I am happy to recommend it.”

“As you know I retired from Akron General Medical Center, a 511 bed facility, last year after working there for twenty years. As Vice-President-Controller I oversaw your project and have first-hand knowledge of the improvements your lost charge audit/nurse training program brought to Akron General. My retirement coincided with the conclusion of implementing the charging improvements which resulted from your process. I was there from the beginning to the end and am comfortable discussing your excellent program.

The audit uncovered approximately $600 per case in Phase One and by the end of Phase Three (when training had taken effect) the lost charges were down to an average of $26 per case. The recoveries were so large in one of the years of the two year project that the proceeds from the lost charge audit represented thirty percent (30%) of Akron General’s income for the period.

In addition to the out and out financial recovery, the project spurred a total overhaul of our operating room charging system which paved the way for the collections of better data from the area.

The program worked the way you told us it would, we benefited significantly from it and I recommend it.”