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Charge Capture Improvements Steps


Financial Review Services, Inc. (FRS) brings clinical talent to the administrative side of the hospital. Our program often increases operating income by several percent by improving charge capture in surgery, and recovering lost charges. The program focuses on training nurses, so the charges are captured at the time of service, thus eliminating lost charges.

The process is simple and results are impressive.

Each project begins with three simple steps: 
1. audit a small sample of cases; 
2. verify our findings with your nurse managers; 
3. report the results to the CFO so she/he can decide if the full audit is worthwhile.

Until we audit a few cases we only have speculation, and no particulars to discuss.

When we audit surgery cases, we segregate the cases by surgical subspecialty, and an RN with experience in that subspecialty audits those cases. No one else we know of offers anything close to this degree of specialization. This is why our results are so much better than others. If we do not think we will generate at least $120 per case net to you (after our fee) we will share our preliminary findings with you, congratulate you on being the one in twelve that is so good we cannot help, and withdraw from the engagement; and you owe us nothing.

We have followed other audit firms and routinely found as many dollars still overlooked in surgery as they found in the entire case during their review. This is the difference between having surgical nurses do the audit, versus floor nurses used by the other firms.

If your cost-to-charge ratio in surgery is over .30, we can probably help improve charge capture in surgery. We are willing to invest our time and money to see if we can. Our fee is contingent upon recovering lost charges. There is no charge for the preliminary review, so your hospital has no economic risk.